This project began with a commission from City of Melbourne as part of the Winter Fireworks Program at Docklands during the World Aids Conference in Melbourne in 2014.

"Four young people from St Martins Youth Theatre and four Monash Academy of Performing Arts students will be projecting their dreams, thoughts and visions for humanity and a fair and just world onto the fabric of the Docklands in honour of the AIDS 2014 Paint the Town Red cultural program. Follow them or be followed by them as they uncover the possibilities of what might make a movie screen."

Back Story is a fully mobile and wearable projection setup designed to be operated by young people. A simple backpack holds all the gear required for a mobile projection and sound system. The project has since been used in a range of other applications including accompanying Projector Bike on city tours showing short films for free in public. 

Lighthouse Project

Make Life/Work