All in Archived Project

Flat Pack Furniture

Commissioned by Immigration Museum to design and build furniture for a series of summer events in the courtyard. The design includes 10 benches, eight plant towers and three canteens. All elements of the project have been designed to slot together with minimal fixings.

Situated in the gardens around Melbourne's Immigration Museum, on the North bank of the Yarra River. This project proposes a series of temporary rooms and windows, made from cutting and perforating two shipping containers.

For two days Village Laneway in Caloundra was the focus of a street art workshop and community activation project. Memory Lane brings images from the past and displays them in the first Caloundra Laneway Art Strategy.

Back Story is a fully mobile and wearable projection setup designed to be operated by young people. A simple backpack holds all the gear required for a mobile projection and sound system. The project has since been used in a range of other applications including accompanying Projector Bike on city tours showing short films for free in public.