Infrastructure as a Kit of Parts – provisioning baseline capacity

"If only we had a robust, usable workable shed like structure...! With a roof and a network of services –  a base level of infrastructure, under which lots of extremely diverse and undetermined things would then be able to happen."

"can I move this over here and connect that to this ....."

The suggestive power and enormous potential of a kit of parts – an eyebolt, a clamp, a hanging rail, a welded tab, an exterior powerpoint, an exterior fluro tube, cable tray, movable walls and screens, projectors, magnets.

All these things, all these glorious things – they enable things to happen loosely and they participate in an endlessly expanding series of events.

To hold up the backdrop, to be modest and supporting, with an attitude, as much as possible, of always saying yes.

Caretaking / Curating: Hans Ulrich Obrist

Public interest in production and process