Public interest in production and process

A working site where activities are being rehearsed, tested and developed. Connection between production / rehearsal / development work and performance /exhibition of outcomes. Our experience is that these co-exit really successfully, depending on the infrastructure.

Often there seems to be a perception that the public wants resolved, finished, complete and faultless presentations of art. When in actual fact, our experience is that people are hungry to peer behind the curtain and to feel engaged-in, or witness-to, a process. To talk to someone and catch glimpses as something is developed, rehearsed, practised, produced.

When projects get taken out into the public, or the public are able to pass through a space where activity is taking place, we have witnessed many joyous and spontaneous moments of engagement. 

Infrastructure as a Kit of Parts – provisioning baseline capacity

Creative Spaces Case Study, an interview with Millie Cattlin