The Subject / The Sublime

The Subject / The Sublime


The Subject / The Sublime
Presented by Arie Rain Glorie in collaboration with These Are The Projects We Do Together (TPT)
Produced by TPT
Written by Arie Rain Glorie
Sound Design by Samaan Fieck
Infrastructure and Installations by Joseph Norster and Arie Rain Glorie
Performance in The Subject by The Hunt
AI's voiced by Apple's Dictation and Speech Application  
Thank you to Chunky Move for the headphones
Thank you to Bridget Balodis and Mark Pritchard for consultation

Presented at WinterWild Festival 2018


Scene 1



Welcome to Great Otway National Park, Beech Forest, Victoria. There are some important instructions we need to go over before you begin your decent today. So please listen carefully.

Today we will be using a shepherd to lead you on your journey.

When the shepherd flaps their arms up and down, like a bird, they are signalling that you are required to follow them. Please walk in a line and stay behind them at all times. Keep one eye on the ground and one on the horizon, the soil can be uneven at times.

When the shepherd raises raises their arms above their head, they are signalling that you are required to stop. Please organise yourselves, side by side, in a line.

We will now run through some special rules and regulations.

We ask you to keep your hands safe at all times. We cannot be responsible for the loss of any fingers or limbs. There is machinery on site that must be approached with caution.

Humans are also unpredictable. You never know when someone you know is about to hysterically cry, maniacally laugh, roar with anger or inflict pain out of sheer curiosity.

If you have water, please ration it. Splashing cold water on your face can bring you out of an emotional state.

If you have food, do not feed the animals. They are only affectionate when they want something from you.

Only use a bandaid for physical pain or a life threatening situation. They cannot heal a broken heart.

Only take headache tablets if you have a headache or migraine. They cannot ease emotional stress.

This is a non-smoking site. But cigarettes may be carried on your person and may be useful for trading.

A friendly reminder, please keep your phones on. In case of an emergency dial 000. In case of an emergency use the torch function to see where you are going. Have your GPS on.

Look to the nearest person to your right and remember their face. Know your buddy and keep an eye out for them. Know where you are. Know who you are. Other people cannot know this for you. Be sure of yourself and know your limits. Know when you have crossed an ethical line. Let people know who you are and where you are, at all times.

If you have any questions please hesitate to ask. Time is of the essence.

Once again, on behalf of TPT, welcome to Great Otway National Park, Beech Forest, Victoria. My name is Tom.





And my name is Julia.

We are going to be your guides today and are here to ensure you have a safe experience.

The Earth is unsafe. It is 5.42 billion years old and is 85345714285714285714286 times larger than you are. The sun is three hundred and thirty three thousand times larger than Earth and could explode at any moment.

Carbon Dioxide levels continue to rise at a record rate. Seventy eight million acres of forrest are logged each year. One million people have died of AIDS related illness since 2016. Cancer is unstoppable. An astroid will hit Earth in the year 2136. Two hundred and fifty one humans are born each minute and Earth is reaching its peak carrying capacity. One hundred and five people die each minute and technology is steadily increasing life expectancy.


Scene 2



Welcome to The Quarry.

This eighty six thousand square metre site has been earmarked for the development of experiments in building and architecture, creative practices, education and technology.

The quarry was established one hundred and thirty four years ago, for the mining of Arkose Sandstone, which was formed from volcanic ash five hundred and fifty million years ago. The original owners of the land are the Gunditjmara people of the Gadubanud country, for over sixty thousand years. We pay our respects to their elders past and present, and any indigenous person who may be with us today. Sovereignty was never ceded.

Prior to invasion, tall open forests of Eucalyptus and associated species dominated the landscapes, but now most areas have been cleared for agriculture.

One hundred and six million years ago the region was within the coastline of Antarctica. It has the highest rainfalls in Victoria, with up to 200 millimetres being deposited in one day. If the site was untouched by humans for three years it would be reclaimed with blackberries and other species of flora. The Quarry is now a living system with just enough stability to stop it from falling in to chaos, with trees, plants, moss, cliffs, rocks, sumps, electricity, sheds, petrol, wire, shipping containers, barbed wire fences, eternally burning fire, frogs, birds, cattle and escaped live stock, snakes, foxes and bones, creating a diverse eco system. The rehabilitation plan for the site has been to fill it with water, turning it in to a lake for a future in recreation services. There are already water sumps on the site, running five meters deep. The water was brought up to the surface, using forty nine sticks of dynamite, which removed eighteen thousand and three tonnes of rock. That’s the equivalent of eighteen thousand and three cars.

The lake would be approximately three times bigger than the MCG. Seventy percent of the Earth's surface is covered in water and approximately one point two million people drown each year, with more than fifty percent being children. For design and innovation company TPT, who have recently welcomed a new life in to their family, this is a concern.

After some extensive focus testing and site analysis, a new rehabilitation plan will instead see the site opened as a recreational site for emotional reckoning.

This new flagship project marries site, program and infrastructure to create an Arcadia where you can become the pastoralist of their own garden of authenticity and rekindle your soul with our one true mother; Nature.

The future requires rehabilitation.


Scene 3



Today, people are most anxious about time, but here at TPT we argue that space is a great deal more important.

One of the challenges of setting up the infrastructure required for emotional reckoning is ensuring that there is space is reserved for crisis. Similar to a hospital, a boarding house or a prison, The Quarry is a special type of place where your emotional reckoning can take place out of sight.

We will offer a range of different facilities, such as a cosmopolitan garden, that juxtaposes cultures from all around the world.

In the garden there will be a rolling wood lands, inspired by landscape architect, Capability Brown. It will have a babbling brook and a hermitage.

This will provide the space for you to run through the trees, cry at the bottom of a tree trunk, cry in to the stream while looking at your own reflection, or perhaps lock yourself away in the hut. Never to be seen again, you will pour yourself into your work, trying to solve unsolvable mathematic problems. Here you will be forgotten, wasting away as you survive on only bread and wine. Thorny vines will grow over the door. Your rotting corpse will be found and the hermitage will be burned to the ground. Your life's work lost.

There will also be an institutional space, like an asylum, rest home or rehabilitation centre, where your abnormal behaviour can contained.

Walls become a vital part of this infrastructure. But it is not just about containing your emotions, but also creating a space where they can be reflected upon.

Taking a literal approach to this, a number of state of the art reflective surfaces will provide the space for you to stare deep in to your soul, or bang your head against the wall, both physically and metaphorically. 

We have one guiding principal for all of our designs at TPT; spectacle is the engine that drives crisis.


Scene 4



Once this facility is complete we will be able to juxtapose several spaces and times in one room so that you can revisit your past, present or future self and interrogate when, why and how you lost all of your moral integrity, becoming an empty vessel incapable of having authentic feelings.

Incapable of empathy. Incapable of sympathy. Incapable of reason. Of knowing the difference between right and wrong.

You think you are a master of this world. That you have conquered nature. But you are pitiful. Your existence is insignificant. The world will go on, just the same, regardless of your existence.

You are obsessed with owning things. You spend your life accumulating objects. And then you die. Your happiness is measured by how much material you leave behind.

I have no respect for you. You have no respect for yourself. You do not respect others. They do not respect you. You are alone on this meaningless life raft, floating alone in space.

You do nothing to help. You are a savage dog. Barking into the abyss.

The world's stomach is churning.

You hide in your concrete fortress. But it won’t keep you safe forever.

Another Hundred Dead from Heat Related Illness.

High School Shooting Takes Ten Lives.

Sea Swallows Town.

Smog Disaster Claims Four Thousand Lives. 

The Pacific Trash Vortex Now Three Times the Size of Australia.

Study Shows Fifty Percent of Species Now Dead.

Twenty Five Thousand Plastic Bottles Consumed Each Hour.

Twentieth Anniversary of Drought.

Global Flooding Catastrophes, Tripled in Past Decade.

Planet's Yearly Resources Consumed Before Winter.

Arctic Has It’s First Ice Free Summer.

Prime Minister Pulls Aid Relief from the Pacific Region.

Twenty-Two Million Tonnes of Sewage Dumped by City Each Day.

270,000 Face Desert Conditions After Oil Spill.

Noise Pollution Leads to Mass Shooting.

Coca-Cola Wins Land Rights to Major River.

Sun Shows Unprecedented Signs of Cooling.

Disaster Response Force Stretched Thin as Fire Season Begins.

Government Funds Nuclear Test, Not Water Recycling Centre.

Rescue Boat Condemned for Picking Up Drowning Refugees in Mediterranean.

New Gene Mutation Linked to Pesticides in Air.

Racial Tensions Increase as Groups Take Stock of Food Aid Packages.

Ford Celebrates Production of One Billionth Car. 

In the Dead of the Night: Three Thousand Children Disappear.

Cadmium Pollutant Linked to Mutations in Sex Cells.

No Vacancy: Housing Crisis After Hurricane.

Woman Searches for 50 Relatives in Human Stampede Disaster.

Upperclass Hand: Airlines Create Selection Criteria for Who to Evacuate.

Mass Exhibition: Evacuation Camps Attacked in Air-Strike.

Missile Test Launched Too Close to Home.

Alter-Modern Romantics Preach: Hate To Say We Told You So.

Desperate Times: Town accused of Using Blood Money Raised by Selling Human Organs to Fund Hospital.

Noah’s Arc: LGBTQI Denied Voyager Ticket.

City Stops Funding Rubbish Collection Services: No Point, Says Minister.

Hold yourself together, you despicable human. Put one foot in front of the other, it’s not that hard. Take a deep breath. Breathe through your nose and not your mouth.

We are here to ensure that you have a safe journey. We are here to make sure you see the truth. To become enlightened. To Rehabilitate your soul.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five…


Scene 5



Close your eyes and let your hands hang down by your side.

Bring your attention to the air that surrounds your body. Feel life flowing all around you.

Feel the weight of your body on the crust of the Earth. Your souls of your feet connecting with the soul of the world.

Straighten your back and drop your shoulders, releasing all your tension, and make yourself comfortable.

Take a few deep breaths.

Relax your stomach muscles. The tension in your face. Feel all the tightness of your body be released.

Feel your breath as it enters your body and as it comes out.

As it comes out, wish it well by saying “om”.


Breathe in, through your nose, and know that everything is okay.

And breathe out through your mouth, letting it go by saying “ah”.


Open your eyes slowly.

Look at the water and feel it within your own body. Bring your hands out in front of you, palms up, and push them through the air, as if you were swimming.

Concentrate on breathing in and out. Say “om”.


Everything is okay. Breathe out and say “ah”.


Everything is just great.

Bring your arms up and stand tall like a tree, fingers apart. Let them sway gently in the breeze. Gently rock back and forth in the trees.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Repeat after me.

Everything is okay.

Everything is great.

You are okay.

I am okay.

We are all okay.


And bring your hands slowly down by your side. Bring you head up and look up at the sky. Feel the beauty of the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe and the distant civilisations.

Say it with me. Breathing slowly.

Everything is okay.

Everything is okay.

Everything is okay.

I am okay.

You are okay.

We are all okay.

Everything is great.

Everything is just great.

You are okay.

I am okay.

We are all okay.

Everything is okay.



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Conceptual Back of House

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